When Pillars Evaporate 

confronts us with the question: ‘have you ever wished to disappear?’ It draws inspiration from a phenomenon called johatsu - the "evaporating people" of Japan - exploring voluntary disappearance in contemporary societies and the effects of socio-political structures on identity and space.

We are unpacking the inherent choreographic qualities of socio-political systems, building bridges between performance, anthropology and social sciences, and evolving a way of expressing the nuanced experience of disappearance in the UK and beyond. 


Follow our journey as we develop this piece!


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Zoi Dimitriou 

is a conceptual artist, dancer and choreographer. She launched her artistic career in 2006 with headquarters both in London and Athens. Learn more about her practice here


Passing of images,
intimate structures,
objects that meet their shadow, stories told as to not disappear,
dead and undead.