When Pillars Evaporate 

confronts us with the question: ‘have you ever wished to disappear?’ 

The work has developed from a research interest in the appearance and disappearance of images in live performance, and notions of time. 

'When Pillars Evaporate' began as an exploration of 'disappearance' in contemporary society, inspired by the experiences of 'the disappearing people of Japan' or johatsu - people effectively dead to society but living invisible lives in alternative networks and communities shrouded by shame and deviance from strict norms. When Pillars Evaporate unpicks our physical and cultural relationships to the spaces, systems and ideas that shape society, and embodies questions about what it means to exist outside of these influences. Looking through the lens of life in the UK, it asks: how does this choice change our experience and perception? How might we move differently? Does our notion of reality shift? 


Zoi Dimitriou's artistic curiosity lies in the nature of the image, the 'liveness' of it, how it is mediated and the various degrees of readability and visibility it can offer, either by its transparency and directness or by its elusiveness and obscurity. This not only relates to the primary physical attributes of the image, but equally to the symbolic renderings of image as is the case with our constructed identities and the relevance these have to larger social and anthropological contexts.

Drawing insights from performance, anthropology, neuroscience, architecture and environmental sustainability, When Pillars Evaporate takes people on a journey through the physical and metaphysical experience of living in the unknown. 

Follow our journey as we develop this piece!


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Zoi Dimitriou 

is a conceptual artist, dancer and choreographer. She launched her artistic career in 2006 with headquarters both in London and Athens.


Dimitriou’s practice investigates the qualities and conditions of spectatorship, draws from the larger social for the development of choreographic activity and is characterised by a strong inter-disciplinary nature. 

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Creative Team

Concept, Artistic Direction and Text: Zoi Dimitriou
Choreography: Zoi Dimitriou in collaboration with performers
Performers: Henrietta Hale, Helka Kaski, Sara Ruddock
Composition and Sound Design: Sam Hayden
Dramaturgical Support: Peter Von Salis and Joe Kelleher
Set Design: Theo Lorenz and Tanja Siems
Research and Anthropological Advice: Tom Gill
Producer: Sholeh Johnston